Birkenhead Brewery

27 June 2021

Our day’s outing commenced with the group meeting at the reasonably sedate hour of 09h00 at the N2 Engen. The group was led by Dieter & Liechen and accompanied by Ken & Shona, Gilbert & Ferryl and Eric & Cathy.

Everyone was on time and the small convoy departed at 09h05 with a leisurely drive towards Stanford. We left the N2 and turned right onto the Viljoenshoop road and we were greeted by hectares of apple and pear trees displaying their finger-like skeletal forms for their winter hibernation and rest to garner all the energy required to supply a bountiful summer crop, for which this region is well known. The landscape proudly reflected the impact of recent rains with most of the dams displaying good water volumes

Turning onto the Highlands Road, we stopped after a couple of kilometres to take in the beautiful vista which greeted us on this warm winter’s morning.

PS. No prize for guessing the name of the tree in the forefront of this picture.

From here we connected to the R43 from where we turned onto the Karwyderskraal Road and maintained our journey along numerous farm roads leading us through to Caledon and then onto Stanford via the R326, which took us to our destination, being the Birkenhead Brewery at Stanford. Driving through the farmlands we were greeted by  a carpet of green wheat and canola.

I am sure that most of you are aware that there is not much which Dieter cannot fix if broken, however, we came across the above plough, which he was unable to get operational in the relatively short time available. Maybe next time Dieter!

After our leisurely drive we arrived at Birkenhead Brewery spot on time for our Brewery tour and beer tasting. Good timing Dieter!  Lunch followed the beer tasting and we then departed for the journey home.

A great outing was enjoyed by all. Thank you Dieter & Liechen!

(Editor’s note:  This trip report was kindly compiled by Eric Kretzmann).