About Us

4 x 4 Off-road Adventure Club began with a vison to bring together those who enjoy the outdoors, either for weekends away, holidays in neighboring countries, just camping in the wilderness, or doing some fishing.

The club started with one man’s adventurous spirit and has grown over the years to include many more adventurers and continues to grow steadily. We do not wish to be the biggest club, just a club that provides a variety of outings to its members.

The adventures cater for a wide variety of interests and vehicles and include off-road trips, expeditions, long distance trips to neighbouring countries, social wilderness camping trips, fishing weekends and even include a bit of mountain biking here and there. Outings are generally limited to 10 vehicles in most cases as the club ethos wishes to promote friendship and interaction.

The club strives to provide a club outing a month, either weekends away or day trips and under the guidance of some well-travelled members trips to Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, the Kalahari, Richtersveld are also arranged.

The clubs are administered by a volunteer committee meeting regularly to discuss trips and club planning.

Joining a club like the 4×4 Off-road Adventure Club gives you the opportunity to:

• Make new friends
• Meet like minded people with a similar background and interests
• Visit unspoilt places and wilderness areas
• Learn and hone off-roading skills
• Get advice from people who have “been there and done it”
• Drive off-road while not damaging the environment or your vehicle
• Access to relevant information