Northern Cape / Richtersveld

17 September to 3 October 2021

Our adventure started in Van Rhynsdorp where we met the rest of the team. Mostly strangers, they all became like family by the end of the trip. Our expert leaders, Andy and Colleen had planned an exceptional trip. Andy, the Google Earth fundi, found tracks that were very less travelled and our adventure began. From Van Rhynsdorp we travelled to Garies where we met our intrepid guides Norman and Bob. With our guides we travelled into the Namaqua community area and to the top of the Kamiesberg – our highest point at Leliefontein. Norman, an expert on the area, had a wealth of knowledge on the history and politics of the area and showed us the beautiful side of patches of stunning flowers that were still in bloom in the higher areas and the more dismal side of barren areas due to overgrazing.

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