Christmas Weekend

4 – 6 December, 2020

While a few members arrived at Panorama Campsite on Wednesday & Thursday, the majority arrived during the day on Friday. We were 29 vehicles for the weekend and it was great to see so many faces we have not seen for a while and there was much socialising at various camps while members were setting up, with Friday evening being a very social affair around the fires.

Saturday started with Jurie setting off with a few on their mountain bikes to explore the area and Mel leading a large group for a hike up the 4×4 track leading away from camp. The cycle was greatly enjoyed and in the forest the cyclists had the experience of some large birds of prey diving over their heads, no doubt protecting a nest. The hikers enjoyed the hike while marvelling at the amount of water coming out of the springs along the mountainside. The track has suffered damage during the winter and would have been a significant challenge to anyone who had wanted to drive it but the members were happy to cycle, hike or chill at camp around the dam on what was proving to be a fabulous day. The cyclists and hikers were keen to have a cooling swim on our return to camp as the day was getting much warmer by that time.

Much socialising was taking place with members moving from camp to camp during the day and when it came to preparing for the evening, most of the women chipped in and helped Mel with the preparations. As Alan put it, it was quite intimidating to walk into the lapa and have 12 or so women, all with knives in their hands, stare back at you! J

Fires were lit late afternoon with Hilton and Guillaume handing the braaing for 60 people which is no small feat! Mel had specifically ordered 4cm thick steaks to go with the boerewors and along with the potatoes in garlic butter, garlic breads and wide range of salads, we all ate like kings with plenty to spare for seconds! The dessert of magnum ice-creams was also the cherry on top of what was a well catered meal!

The variety of Christmas hats and some not-so-Christmas hats at the fire-pit made for some interesting conversation while the members waited for the meat to be braaied.       

Sunday was a chilled out affair with members slowly packing up during the morning. Saying goodbye to everyone generally took longer than the packing up though!

All in all, the weekend was an absolute success with members commenting on how great the weekend had been. The committee and those who put so much effort in to make it happen could not be happier! A big thanks to the committee for making it happen, to everyone who chipped in to make Saturday night the success it was and a special thanks to Mel for putting on such a fantastic spread for everyone. Catering a special meal for 60 out in the wilds is no easy thing!