Caledon Back Roads day trip

2 August 2020

Andy and I left Cape Town en route to the meeting spot with sunny skies and a slight berg wind blowing, indicating cooler weather to make landfall in Cape Town during the coming week. However, our focus was not on the weather but on the day’s outing and we were excited to be out and about once more with other club members exploring some of the Caledon back roads.

Our meeting spot was the top of Sir Lowry’s Pass in the parking lot and luckily, as there was a cool wind blowing, all the members comprising ourselves (duh!), Walter Mohr, Mel & Louise Roux + Darryl & co., Eric & Cathy Kretzmann, Gilbert & Ferryl Pearce + brother Anthony, Ken & Shona Sturgeon, Adiel Abrahams + family, Adiel’s guest Shu-Aib Omar + family, Laurence & Mandy Green + daughter Courtney & co., Kevin & Jenni Childs,
Christoph Karl + family, Jurie & Sanet Schuurman, were on time so everyone said their hello’s and we made haste and began our journey with Andy leading the convoy towards the stunning back roads of Caledon that we were to experience that day.
On one of the gravel roads that would lead us towards Shaw’s Pass, we were suddenly stopped in our tracks by a large tree which had rudely fallen across the track and which we had no hope of moving (not without Hilton’s
chainsaw, anyway ) and no other road to bypass it. In true Andy-style, he came up with Plan B quicksticks and after some reversing and retracing our steps a bit, we took another gravel road which joined up with the road
that we should have been on had the tree not had its way with us.

An interesting point of note was all the bikers out and about on Sunday – many of whom appeared to be going the same way as our convoy of vehicles. Lucky for the bikers, they would be able to get past the fallen tree and would not have to turn around like us.
We stopped a few times to enjoy the beautiful day and talk – while practising social distancing – with our fellow club members. Everyone was in a good mood enjoying the relaxed pace and the fresh country air.

On our travels, we passed through the little town of Tesselaarsdal and had we blinked, we would have missed the town entirely! Seriously, the town is THAT small! But, it boasts a coffee shop (the old post office) which was
doing a brisk trade without any hope of practising social distancing so we decided to proceed without a visit to the quaint building.
Shortly after leaving Tesselaarsdal, we came upon a beautiful old bridge with lovely arches. And because true 4×4’ers don’t need any excuse to take the road less travelled, we didn’t go across the bridge, but rather through
the water next to the bridge! It was great fun of course!

After our joy-ride through the water, we headed towards Bakenskloof farm where we had full use of the campsite comprising of a braai area and ablutions. It was the perfect opportunity to enjoy a picnic lunch or braai some boerie and catch up with fellow club members while enjoying an ice cold non-alcoholic beer!

The sun was sinking low in the sky when many of the trippers said goodbye at the campsite and headed for home, but us and another two vehicles tackled the Rusty Gate Pass, passing through magnificent scenery made all the more jaw-dropping due to the early evening shadows. We exited the pass near Theewaterskloof Dam and made our way home via Franschhoek, stopping on the pass to say a final goodbye and watch the sun paint the sky red as it signalled the end of another adventurous day! Of interest with the new radios was picking up Eric Kretzmann in Franschhoek while we were approaching Theewaterskloof Dam!