Grabouw day outing

1 March 2020

A beautiful summer’s day in Grabouw saw 10 vehicles and their eager occupants meeting at the Grabouw Country Club for a day of fun on the 4×4 trail!

Once the admin issues had been taken care of and the tyres deflated, we all enthusiastically set off, with Andy leading the troupe, into the beautiful countryside with the dam setting the backdrop to our day’s adventure.

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Impangele Tunnel Camp 18-20 October 2019

Getting to the campsite involves a steady climb up a valley on a dirt track to the tunnels. The first tunnel still has track in it and caused some concern initially for a few as they thought they may need to drive through on the track! However, a few metres further on the road turns and heads through the older, smaller tunnel that has a smooth gravel base to it. The drive through the tunnel makes for an interesting variation while keeping an eye on the raw rock face above.

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