Boegoeberg weekend outing

26 – 28 February 2021

An easy drive out of Cape Town but the traffic can get busy from 3pm so either go a day before or leave midday.

Our group had our own camp areas with lovely grass areas and some shade which was needed. Temperature was in the high 30s and the pool was a big relief at times. The pool water comes from nearby fountains and gets circulated. The cold beers in the tuckshop were another treat.

Friday and Saturday evenings were spent around the kamp vuur with stories about previous and future trips. Some special torches were used to find scorpions that glow in the dark and it was very interesting. Definitely something to add to your camping kit to explore nature more.

On Saturday morning Hilton took a small group of 4 vehicles on the easier 4×4 route while the rest of the members chilled around camp.

The 4×4 was fairly easy except for one challenging sandy hill where we took some time to get all through. Hilton got stuck first and had to deflate his tyres even more. We then had to do a recovery on the Hilux and John assisted Gisela with her great ladies driving skills.

After 3 hours in the heat we were happy to get back to camp for a swim and lunch. Saturday afternoon was spent lying around under shady trees.

On Sunday morning some left early while others opted to either stay longer or go for a swim.

All in all another pleasant weekend.

Trip report contributed by Melinda Sides.