Communications: Advanced Planning

Planning your communications in advance of your trip is essential as the bureaucratic systems can delay issuing of license’s for months and failure to have the required licence in neighbouring countries can result in your radio being confiscated.

It is also important to let your backup know where you are and what the contact numbers are of the local garage or recovery service. On a single vehicle adventure (which we do not advocate) it is important to stop at the local lodge or garage and introduce yourself and obtain their contact numbers which in turn you will pass on to your backup (usually a friend or family back home). In an emergency you can contact them and they will then be able to contact the local lodge or garage and summon help.

Learning how to read a GPS is essential as in some cases your coordinates are all that will guide your rescuers to your stranded vehicle.



Licenses are required to operate communications equipment in every country in the world.

South Africa
Private Bad X1
Marlboro 2063

Namibian Communications Commission
Private Bag 13309

Botswana Telecommunications Authority
Private Bag 00495

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