Nuy River day outing

Nuy River day outing

All day
March 10, 2018

Organizer: Andy McMahon

This is a private trail that goes deep into the mountains following the course of the Nuy River with its primarily use being to gain access to a hut that the family have built for their own use deep in the mountains. The farmer has very graciously given the club access to the trail for our day outing. The trail is not technically demanding and any 4x4 with low range will be fine. The trail crosses the Nuy River 11 times in the 9Km drive to the end and it is the rocky riverbed that will dictate low range rather than the trail itself. The Nuy River has cut a deep gouge through the mountains with the peaks sometimes over a 1000m above us. The exposed folding of the rock and deep valley makes this trail a very rewarding and photogenic drive.


As the trail is only driven by the family, there are a few spots where the bush may need cutting back (soft overgrowth – not thorn bushes) so if you have a pair of bush cutters, toss them in just in case.


The trail terminates at the hut deep in the mountains where we will spend a pleasant few hours having lunch (picnic or braai), swimming and just enjoying the area.


The trail takes +-1 hour to drive up and the same time to drive out.

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