East Africa Trip: May – July 2019

The Adventure has begun for those on the East Africa Tour.
Everyone arrived safely in Maun and have headed for Khwai where they will enjoy a few days and then on to Zimbabwe and Zambia at Victoria Falls.

Forest Inn camping and visits to the Old Church at Kapishya Springs.

Travelling from Kapishya Hot Springs to Kalambo Falls North of Mbali. Ending up camping at Lake Chila before crossing the border into Tanzania tomorrow.

We drove from Lake Chila yesterday, crossing border into Tanzania. Lake Shore Lodge & Camp is our destination for the next couple of days. It took 11 hours to get here (290km) and border crossing took about 2 hours. They had to phone the immigration officer to stamp our passports. Africa at it’s best.

After a superb 3 days spending at Lake Shore Lodge, Kapili, we set off to Jakobsen’s Beach Camp, Kigoma. In between this we ‘bush camped’.

Spending 3 days in Kigoma at Jakobsens Beach Camp, gave all opportunity to take a break from the bad roads of Tanzania. Some wash their vehicles, some took a tuk-tuk to town for lunch. After leaving Kigoma for Rwanda we ‘bush camped’ again in an old quarry off the road. Yesterday we entered Rwanda via the Rusumo border post. It says on the board it’s a ‘One stop border post’ and it truly is. Tanazian and Rwanda customs counter next to each other in same building. Arriving in Kigali yesterday we ‘hotel camped’ on Hotel La Parisse’s terrace for the night in Kigali. Setting off today to the Genocide Memorial and to Volcanoes National Park. Tuk-tuk to town for lunch at local place.

Update from Mary…
Rwanda is such a beautiful country. We visited the Genocide Memorial yesterday. ..it was an amazing and emotional experience. 2 nights at Red Rocks near the Volcanoes Park in the north west of the country. With the inclement weather most went to see the Diane Fossey museum and a drive up to park with out going in as it was very cold and misty. Tomorrow we leave for Uganda, to hike to see the Gorillas. …very exciting .

East Africa Adventure 2019 Gorilla update from Mary…
We had an amazing day. Wonderful experience being with the gorillas. Left our camp at 7:30 in a crowded minibus??. There was a briefing at 8:00 and then we were driven to the hike start. We had a guide, 2 armed guards, a group of trackers and 3 porters. The hike was muddy, slippery, very up and down and thick vegetation. All of us had a few falls, none serious. We spent about 1hr with the gorilla family and then started the hike back, with a lunch stop. Back in camp just after 13:00 exhausted but enriched by an amazing experience.

East Africa 2019 update from Mary: Victoria Nile, Jinja Uganda.
Murchison Falls from the boat….the most powerful waterfall in the world. We could not get any closer…..you can see the foam on the lake.

East Africa 2019 Trip update from Mary:
Masai Mara was really great value. The group split up to get the most out of the park. We were rewarded with sightings of lion, a hyena family with small cubs, elephants,zebras, wildebeest,many birds and many different antelope. Our bush camp on the hill top gave us a wonderful view over the valley where the hot air balloons took off from early in the morning. The second day we saw a great deal of wildlife but the highlight was the large pride of lions with cubs….amazing experience. On the last day our highlight was a cheetah mom and her cub. We then spent the next 2 nights just outside the Talek gate. The last night there was a huge storm and that gave us an eventful trip out to Nairobi. The roads were muddy and slippery! Both the Zulch’s and us slid off into the ditches alongside the road but we were able to recover ourselves eventually. Further along a gameviewer was stuck. We managed to winch it out of the mud much to the relief of all the occupants. We arrived in Nairobi well coated in mud.

The next day we left for Arusha Tanzania.
Once in Arusha we had our vehicles cleaned with high pressure hose…could not recognize them! Today the vehicles are being serviced while we do some retail therapy in Arusha. We will be in Marangu at the foot of Kilimanjaro next.

East Africa Adventure 2019 update from Mary:
Kilimanjaro was a non event…we had rain and the mountain was covered by cloud and mist but our day in Ngorongoro Crater was magical. We saw so much wildlife including hyenas trying to steal a kill from a pride of lions. The day was finished of with a black rhino siting which is quite rare. Tomorrow crossing the border to Zambia and two nights later will be in Kafue east of Lusaka for a couple of nights.