Communications: Radio Maintenance

Once you have your radio properly set up, there are a few simple ways to keep it working in top order.

Prevent water from entering your antenna cables by sealing them with silicone prior to any trips. Once water has got into the cable corrosion will occur and the antenna system will stop working efficiently and the cables will have to be replaced.

Check the power cables and antenna cables are not getting pinched under plastic linings and in doors.

Check your antenna to make sure that it is still secure on the vehicle, you will be amazed what vibration can do to locking nuts. Check to see that the whip has not been bent or broken, if it has been broken replace it immediately and get your local two way radio dealer to set up the antenna before you use it as this will prevent you burning out your radio.

Before a trip check that the equipment works, clean all fuse holders and fill them with non conductive silicone grease. Clean all corrosion off of your battery and smear battery terminals with Bosch battery grease, this will prevent corrosion build up.

Remember that when transmitting your transceiver draws a lot of current from your battery. A few hours of chatter from the camp will result in you not being able to start your vehicle in the morning and possibly a LONG walk to get help. If you are going to have an extended discussion on the radio start the motor every 20 minutes and let it run for 5 minutes or so as this will recharge the battery.

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