Klipkrans 27-29 October 2017

An enjoyable and relaxing weekend at Klipkrans Bushcamp. Thanks to Hilton for making it happen.

Ouplaas Campsite weekend trip 13 – 15 October 2017

Club members had a great time at Ouplaas, with a lot of relaxing and a little trip up the mountain.

Klipkrans bush camp weekend 27 – 29 October 2017

Klipkrans Private Game Farm & Camping site near Worcester has a bush camp in the hills set away from the main camp that has been booked for this weekend outing. The bush camp will be exclusively ours for the weekend and not being close to the main camp, will ensure a peaceful weekend for us. For more information, please visit http://www.klipkrans.co.za/


The bush camp has toilets and showers fed from a solar geyser and an enclosed social lapa. Only high clearance / 4×4 vehicles can get to the bush camp. There is no electricity at the bush camp.


Klipkrans is a game farm and we are welcome to drive the tracks, explore and view the game. While the bush camp is not on the river, we can access the river by driving or walking to it.


The cost for the bush camp will be split equally over the number of vehicles going.


What to take

29mhz radio

Plenty of wood


Fishing gear – this river is teeming with fish

Swimming gear  

All drinking water

All the gear you need for bush camping


As this outing is just over 2 weeks away, please let me know ASAP if you want to book a spot so that I can confirm the numbers and booking with Klipkrans.


Hilton Joffe

Club Christmas Weekend 01-03 December 2017

🎄Call to ALL members!  Club Christmas Weekend outing.  1 – 3 December 🎄

Earlier this year when the club did the Manganese 4×4 trail near Citrusdal we stumbled on this idyllic campsite where the 4×4 trail starts. Talking to the farmer / owner, we found out that it is available to book out for groups. We have been waiting for summer to come to book out this amazing spot for the club! (The photos don’t do the site justice as there is more grass than shown and it was in excellent condition when we saw it in April.)

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Doring River bush camping long weekend trip: 16-19 November 2017

Doring River bush camping long weekend trip.

Thursday the 16th – Sunday the 19th November

As those who were with us on the November trip last year, this long weekend outing will push all of the right buttons for those that enjoy bush camping in wild areas along a river. This is a stretch of river to the north of Die Mond in the Tankwa Karoo and is not along the Gifberg stretch of river.

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Trip Advice: Rubbish

When going on a trip:

  • Take a strong rubbish bag.
  • Please take all your rubbish with you.
  • Don’t bury rubbish – the animals dig it up and it spoils the environment.
  • Burn paper only
  • Don’t throw tins or plastic in the camp fire.
  • Keep your bottle tops and stompies to yourself.

Communications: Radio Position


The radio, no matter which type should always be connected directly to the battery via a fuse, and not to any convenient wire under the dashboard. By doing this, you will isolate any interference from the vehicle’s electrical system which could be misinterpreted as poor reception. A filter can be wired between the power supply and the transceiver to stop the interference.

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